Marianne Williamson for President

Upcoming Citizen Campaign Calls

Twice a month, please join us for a CITIZEN CAMPAIGN meeting, becoming part of a network of Americans who are doing more than just supporting the Marianne Williamson for President campaign. Together we are creating a great American course-correction, and putting our democracy back on track.  

Find the dates, times, and details on how to join the CITIZEN CAMPAIGN CALLS below. 

Join other supporters from across the country who are participating in these calls and engaging with us in how to up their citizenship in the Marianne 2020 Citizen Campaign Headquarters Facebook group!

We have also put together for you a how-to guide on ways to use these CITIZEN CAMPAIGN CALLS as organizing tools to further your civic engagement. This includes ideas about hosting book clubs, democracy healing circles, and how to engage in pressing issues in your local community.


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