Mayor's Office of Black Male Engagement

Black Generational Wealth Series 2022

Building a Legacy of Wealth in our Community

In honor of Black History Month, The Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement is excited to host our 3rd Annual Black Generational Wealth series for the bi-monthly My Brother’s Keeper Action Academy a national program established by President Obama to dismantle systems of inequality and close opportunity gaps for boys and young men of color.  This series is structured into weekly financial empowerment events held throughout February 2022 to empower Black men and their allies with the tools and resources necessary to obtain and maintain generational wealth.  

This series will hold four different virtual workshops covering topics like financial literacy, accessing City resources and initiatives, entrepreneurship, and transferring wealth.  These seminars will feature local business leaders, financial experts, and City officials with a wealth of experience and insight.  Our desire is to empower 300 participants, particularly Black men in Philadelphia, to re-envision our communities by learning the skills and making the connections needed to make generational wealth a larger reality for the Black community. Our aim is to host these events at Black-owned businesses and organizations that serve Black men and boys around the City. 

Come join us virtually to gather the tools to realize your financial vision and empower generations to come.  See all the Black Generational Wealth 2022 Series events below!  


Black Generational Wealth Series Events:

Hope That Lights the Way Survey OPE: OBME Pub Event August 31, 2023 5:00 PM - 10:30 PM ET